Our story

BRO Premium Watches was founded by a man who wanted more than just a watch. Our guiding principle is pure luxury and high quality for a fair price.

Our team has tested and selected the best parts to create a perfect premium class automatic watch. Our watches are loved worldwide, that's why people are buying them every day.

Did you know that luxury watches are sold at 8X-16X what it costs to make them? A watch that costs 15.000€ is actually worth as little as 500€. That's why we wanted to make your dream of owning a premium luxury watch for affordable prices possible. No retail mark-up!

Perfectly designed to make a bold statement, whether you are holding the reins in the boardroom, or a glass of high-end champagne in the private lounges of Dubai's most exclusive hotels.

From this moment, you have a choice; to give every last drop of your blood, sweat, and tears to become who you were destined to be, or not ...

But know that if you put in what it takes, it will be worth it - and you will succeed.

That is BRO's approach to designing watches. The exquisitely hand-polished finish lets the world know you have arrived - your actions will show if you have with it takes to conquer it.